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Welcome To SELECT

You’ve made a great decision choosing Select to assist you in managing the production of your books and/or journals. From one-off print-on-demand jobs to print runs in the tens of thousands, Select helps streamline your workflow and brings efficiencies to your business. Don’t forget, the capabilities of Select extend beyond initial print and traditional print-on-demand. Select also supports:

  • Global Distributed Print
  • Back Issue Management
  • Licensed Print Management
  • Zero Inventory Print-on-Demand
  • eCommerce Print
  • Print for Online-Only Titles

Select is available through all CJK Group companies and as the complexity of print and print management increases, Select will continue to refine and expand its ability to serve your print production needs. Contact your sales representative for the latest information.

Bang Printing
Hess Print Solutions
Sentinel Printing Company
Webcrafters Inc.